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Bedfordshire Clanger
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Welcome to the home of the Bedfordshire Clanger!


Jamie & Jimmy's Friday Night Feast - Save the Bedfordshire Clanger

Wow! We certainly loved the new fillings which blended beautifully with the slightly enriched suet pastry and we really think you will too!

The first clanger we tried contained Beef, which was slowly cooked in herbs and beer with a dessert end of Rhubarb and Custard.

The next Clanger was made using shoulder of Pork again cooked slowly, this time in Sage and Cider. The dessert side was made from Granny Smith apples roasted with honey, butter and brown sugar - just sublime!

The final Clanger (surely all of today's youngsters will love this) is a vegetable Curry comprising garlic, chilli, ginger and a blend of Indian spices roasted with vegetables. Followed by a refreshing Mango dessert end.

So whilst our traditional Clangers have hit the button with thousands over the last century, perhaps these exciting new varieties will help extend the Clanger's popularity well into the next. These modern takes on a classic will help preserve the speciality dish of Bedfordshire for future generations!


One of the last places in the country to bake the local delicacy!

Probably our best-known product!

Not only have we been making these for 50 years but we have also seen their popularity soar over the last decade.
National consumer interest in local, historic and interesting foods have led to appearances by Television and Radio to uncover the history and background of the clanger.

The Bedfordshire clanger was originally the food of farm labourers. A suet pudding with a meat filling, portable cold or eaten hot on returning home. They were considered affordable, filling and very calorific. As the pudding could be left simmering away all day, ready for the family's evening return, it suited an area where many of the women were employed outside the home in the 19th century.

For centuries hungry fieldworkers all over the county have tucked into their Bedfordshire Clangers as their lunchtime snack. We are very proud to have produced the Bedfordshire Clanger for the last 50 years, maintaining the tradition and supplying the county with a little taste of history.

Like the good old days we make our clangers using the same ingredients with suet pastry and a combination of savoury and sweet fillings at either end of the clanger.

We of course do a Clanger for all you vegetarians, which is made with vegetarian suet pastry and has mixed vegetables one end and fruit the other...delicious!

Why not explore Bedfordshire? Click here and experience for yourself, the Clanger in all its forms.

Where to buy your Clangers?

All Bedfordshire Clangers - old and new - available everyday Monday to Saturday at Gunns Bakery, High Street Bedford, Hitchin Street Biggleswade and at our flagship shop in Market Square Sandy, where you can eat your Clanger in our tearoom with a pot of whipped cream served with the "dessert" end!

You can also mail order your delicious Bedfordshire Clangers through the Big Barn website. Click here now! The new flavour varieties will be added very soon but please give us a call in the mean time to order!


                                                Sandy: 01767 680434 / Biggleswade: 01767 314350 / Bedford: 07410700091 / E-mail: